Delivery Policy - NiPi Shop

We always seek to offer the best service to our customers. That is why we’ve come up with a delivery policy that you can’t beat – one that has you, the customer, at heart.

NiPi Shop is an online shop. We work with deliveries of all kinds. To that end, we have worked really hard to make sure our delivery services are top notch.

Our delivery policy is such that it benefits every customer. 

Depending on your location and when you want your package, we have a number of delivery options available for you as explained below.

  1. Hostels
    1. Hostel 5 – Delivery costs 9 UAH.
    2. Hostel 6 – Delivery costs 9 UAH.
  2. Others (Hostel 4 & Apartment)
    Predictable, time designated deliveries.
    Monday – Friday – Delivery starts from 12  pm. (Might be earlier)
    If you are in Vinnytsia, we deliver to you at specially designated times that you can select as you checkout on our website (12 pm, 4 pm and 9 pm).

For our wonderful customers ordering from outside Vinnytsia, delivery will be carried out via NovaPoshta.
The cost of orders and delivery will vary with distance, weight, size etc. This, however, is no cause for alarm. NiPi’s clients pay no more than 40 uah as a delivery charge when they order from any of our supported cities in Ukraine. If there is any extra cost of delivery, NiPi handles it at no extra cost to you the customer.

You don’t have to worry about how much your deliveries cost, you pay a baseline fee of 40 UAH and we will handle the rest.