What are we about?

The question, how do we provide the best possible product, on-demand and at the click of a button to an under-served market resulted in the birth of NiPi Shop. NeeditPinit Shop was created to meet the shopping needs of the thousands of people with unique needs that would otherwise go unmet. The brainchild of the NiPi team, NiPi offers a catalog that includes everything from food to books, to beauty and care products to digital products. We are focused on providing the best quality goods, ease of access to these goods and amazing customer care service.

solving problems together...

Currently, we serve communities and clients in the country of Ukraine and are making efforts for quick and massive expansion into other markets. We recognize the incredible opportunity we have been afforded to be part of a part of the lives of each one of our clients and are working tirelessly to make sure this faith is met with only the highest possible service.

NiPi Shop in Summary

Anywhere in Ukraine

Your goods are packaged and safely delivered to you wherever you are in Ukraine.


We seek to provide the best value at the best possible price.
You can trust us with that.


We provide full time support, answering questions on all products purchased on the NiPi shop.

Delivery 1

Order goods more than 399uah and get free delivery(in Vinnytsia)
Order goods worth more than 999uah and get free delivery (outside Vinnytsia)

Cash on Delivery

You can choose to pay cash on delivery.