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While Ukraine might be miles away from home but, you don’t have to have to be back on the shores of Africa to enjoy her delights. NiPi shop contains an ever-expanding inventory of products ranging from foodstuffs to creams and board games at great prices from the NiPi Shop. Here are all the reasons we believe you should be shopping on NiPi Shop – NeeditPinit Shop.

1. Great Prices.

African products are notoriously expensive in Ukraine and other international destinations. NiPi has made it a mission to nip this problem in the bud. NiPi offers a wide selection of goods at unbeatable prices. These prices we are confident will help you the customer bring a little Africa to your lives in Ukraine.

2. Baseline Delivery Price.

You know how orders get more expensive the heavier they get and the longer the distance they have to travel? Well, none of that with NiPi. NiPi is offering all our customers the opportunity to order any product for delivery to any part of Ukraine at the fixed price of 49 UAH. What happens if your product costs more to deliver you ask? Well, for deliveries that cost above this threshold, NiPi Shop foots the costs of delivery at no cost to the customer.

3. Great Promotions and Discounts.

Great products can only be beaten by great prices. That is why at NiPi we love to one-up ourselves by making sure we find our customers the very best deals to provide the biggest bang for their buck. We always encourage all current and prospective customers to follow our social media pages and blogs for the latest deals and promos on our products. 
Win NiPi Points
You can also win NiPi Points which can be used to buy things on NiPi Shop. Cool, isn’t it?🤗 You can check ‘My Account Page’ under the NiPi Points Tab to see how you can win NiPi Points.
For a start, you get 5 NiPi Points when you open a free NiPi Shop Account.

4. Fast and Convenient Delivery.

We understand that our customers trust us to make sure their products arrive quickly and on time. To that end, we have different plans and delivery options to cater to our customers, wherever they are. Delivery times are also agreed upon and fixed in such a way as to allow the customer to receive their package at the time most convenient to them – Choose your preferred delivery time during checkout (By the way, have we mentioned that for all deliveries to cities aside from Vinnytsia clients pay a flat fee of only 40 uah?).

5. Ease of Payment.

Purchasing foodstuff for your next masterpiece of a delicacy or items for self-care has never been easier than it is right now. NiPi Shop offers you the ability to pay for goods and services using one of two options: bank transfers and payment on delivery. Digital receipts and records of purchases are issued immediately and sent to the client’s email for safekeeping and reference purposes. All these at very little stress to the customer.

If you’ve made it to the end of this article, then you most definitely deserve a reward. How about you place an order now, using this coupon code – 1STNIPIORDER to get 15UAH off any purchase greater than or equals to 200UAH. The discount applies to the first 15 people to make a purchase. Click here now to make your first purchase. 
Catch you later.

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